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CARPENTER, PHILIP England, fl.1817-38, MIM OIM Compass = WHI; Spy Glass = Susquehanna County Historical Society, Pa.; Microscopes = KEN, P.C.(3), WHI, Christie 12/17/75, Soth. 3/25/86, D.(1995); Telescope, 7-draw = D. (1997). optician; made Brewster's kaleidoscope; T.C.; see Carpenter and Westley; the London shop was called "Microcosm"; D. signed "Carpenter's Improved Microscope for Opake and transparent Objects, 24 Regent Street, London." Bath Row (1817); 111 New Street (1824); 33 Navigation Street (1829); all in Birmingham; 24 Regent Street, London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1794); KEN; Calvert 2; USNM; Gunther 2; Whipple 1; Moskowitz 108; Bryden 9; Crawforth 1; Coffeen 58; RSW.

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