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BURGI, JOST Switzerland; Germany, 1552-1632, MIM SIM a notable maker of fine instruments, his work covered a wide range including an astrolabe (KAS), astronomical sextant (PRA), globe clocks (BASH), (GOT), (CNAM), proportional dividers (KAS), etc. Jost Bürgi; thought to have invented the proportional dividers; worked for Wilhelm IV at Kassel; see"I.B." (12). Lichtensteig; Kassel (1584-1623). Zinner 1; Michel 3; Evans 1; Baillie 1; Josten; Horsky; Horsky and Skopova; Maddison 5; Daumas 1; Aked; Von Mackensen (1983); DSB; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.

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