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BROWN, JOHN 1 England, fl.1654-97, MIM OIM PHIM Nocturnal, boxwood = Gabb Coll. = NMM-N.20; Triangular Quadrant, fragment = OXF; Quadrant, ivory = BM-1923/2/6-2; White's Rule, 1663 = Pepys; Timber Rule, small, 1663 = Pepys; Spiral Calculator, 1664 = Pepys; Telescope, 1666 = Pepys; Perspective Instrument (Wren's design), 1669 = Pepys; Vertical Sundial, boxwood = NMM-D.341. son of Thomas Brown 1; father of Thomas Brown 2; apprenticed in the Joiners' Company; free in the Company sometime between 1627 and 1654; see J.B. 2; admitted to the Clockmakers' Company in 1667 as a Brother; took apprentices; Master of the Company in 1681; T.C.; invented a triangular quadrant; see Crawforth 7 for further information. see Brown, John 1 (cont.). see Brown, John 1 (cont.).

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