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ADIE, ALEXANDER Scotland, 1774-1858, MIM OIM PHIM Stick Barometers = X; Sympiesometers = RSM, D.(1967), Atwater Kent Museum, Philadelphia, Pa.; Polarizing Microscope = RSM; Telescope and stand = D.(1989). apprenticed to his uncle, John Miller, 1787; was his partner, 1804-22; his second son, John, joined him in 1835 (Taylor says son Richard); invented and patented sympiesometer in 1818; other sons Richard and Patrick, which see; also see Miller and Adie; first polarizing microscope made 1823-29. 94 Nicholson Street (1804-7); 96 Nicholson Street (1807-10); 8 Nicholson Street (1811-18); 35 Princes Street (1818-34); 15 Nicholson Street (1825-26); 58 Princes Street (1830-34: all in Edinburgh. Bryden 3; Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1069); Middleton 1; USNM; RSW; Clarke et al; Rinaldi 23.

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