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BLOUD, CHARLES France, fl.1653-80, MIM Bloud-type Sundial, large, 1653 = HAR; a great number of his portable sundials are found in numerous collections, including ADL, WHI, OXF, etc. Huguenot; he invented a magnetic azimuth sundial now known as the Bloud-type; they were usually of ivory but a few tortoise- shell ones exist; a sliding hour scale within the compass box is adjusted to the time of year by turning the volvelle on the back; when the sundial is aligned with the sun, the compass needle points to the proper hour; usually signed "Fait et Invent par Charles Bloud à Dieppe" on back plate. Dieppe. Michel 1 and 3; ADL; Syndram; Bryden 16; Daumas 1; Maddison 1 and 5; Josten; Vivielle 1; Monreal; Price 2 and 3; Ward 4; USNM; NMM 2; Tardy; Nachet; Hamilton 1; T. Murdock; RSW.

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