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ZENONE, JOHN Scotland, fl.1823-32, Stick Barometers = X (2); Wheel Barometers = Soth. 7/21/83, Phillps-E 10/28/88; Telescope = Phillips 7/23/88. carver, gilder and looking glass maker; partner with Louis Joseph Butti in 1823; probably dealer; one of the stick barometers is signed "Lenone"; other stick barometer and Soth. wheel barometer are signed "I. Zenone." 5 Calton Street 1823-30); 7 Calton Street (1827-30); 5 and 6 Calton Street and 77 Princes Street (1830); 9 Calton Street (1832); all in Edinburgh. Goodison 1; Clarke et al; RSW.

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