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BLONDEAU, NICOLAUS France; Italy, fl.1694-1706, MIM SIM Universal Ring Sundials = CNAM, Nouveau Drouot 5/20/88, D.(1986), OXF-B112, TIM, Drecker Coll.= P.C., etc.; Military Protractor = ADL-M125; Sector, 1694 = OXF; Pair of Dividers, = NMM (1694); Compass = P.C.(1965); Surveying Quadrant, 1695 = P.C.; Ellipsometer Track = HAK; Gunnery Calipers = MAA. calipers signed "N. Blondo"; OXF sector signed "Nicolaus Blondo fecit" (the final "o" has an acute accent over it); the Nouveau Drouot and D.(1986) universal ring sundials all have an inner rotating ring divided into 15-minute intervals, to give Italian or Babylonian hours as well as local suntime. Paris (1694-95); Naples (1706). Daumas 1; Engelmann 1; Michel 3; Gunther 2; Josten; NMM 2; Coffeen 12; ADL; RSW.

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