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YARWELL, JOHN England, fl.1669-1712, OIM Telescopes = KEN, WHI, OXF, Soth. 12/16/63, etc.; Microscopes = KEN, WHI, OXF, etc. apprenticed in the Spectaclemakers' Company on Dec. 9, 1662; turned over to Nicholas Shield of that Company on April 2, 1688; free of the Company in 1669; Master of the Company in 1684; took apprentices; had Ralph Sterrop as a partner from 1697 until 1708 under the name Sterrop and Yarwell; T.C. at ye Archimedes and Spectacles in St. Paul's Churchyard (1672-83); Archimedes and three Golden Prospects, in St. Paul's Churchyard; at the Sign of Archimedes in Ludgate Street, the first Spectacle Shop next Ludgate (1697); at the Archimedes and Crown (1698); all in London. Taylor 1(343); Crawforth 1; Goodison 1; Clay and Court; Court and von Rohr 3(29); Dewhirst; USNM; Whipple 2; Robischon; RSW.

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