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WYNNE, HENRY England, fl.1662-1709, MIM PHIM Universal Ring Sundials = P.C.; Soth. 7/27/64; Sundial, silver = Soth. 12/13/71; Garden Sundials = GEL, D.(1976), Soth. 7/7/55, Windsor (near the Star "building"); Quadrants = P.C., ADL-L14 (returned); Protractor and Pantograph = Pepys (1669); Oughtred-type Sundial (1692) = Drumlanrig Castle, Dumfries. apprenticed to Ralph Greatorex in the Clockmakers' Company in 1654; free of the Company in 1662 and Master in 1690; took apprentices; worked with Richard Glynne, according to Clay and Court; ADL-L14 returned to lender. near the Sugarloaf, Chancery Lane; near Searjeant's Inn; near the Rolls; at the Pope's Head, Chancery Lane; all in London. Taylor 1(266); J. Brown 3; Latham and Matthews, Vol. 9; Goodison 1; Taylor and Wilson; A.J. Turner 10; Bryden 9; USNM; Earle; Robischon; Clay and Court; ADL; RSW; Somerville.

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