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WRIGHT, THOMAS 1 England, fl.1715-48, MIM OIM PHIM Wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums including grand orreries at KEN, OXF, BRM, Royal Academy, Portsmouth and Dunham Massey, Altringcham (also armillary sphere); mechanical equatorial sundials at ADL, NYM; hodometers at VCW, Longleat House; microscope at RSM. apprenticed to John Rowley in the Broderers' Company, April 13, 1707; free in the Company by testimony of Rowley and John Coggs 1, Feb. 1, 1715; took Benjamin Cole 1 as an apprentice; MIM to George, Prince of Wales; MIM to the King; took over Rowley's work shop; partner with William Wyeth and later with Benjamin Cole 1; author and publisher; Wright was succeeded by Benjamin Cole 1 in 1748; T.C.; see Thomas Wright 1 (cont.) see Wright, Thomas 1 (cont.) see Thomas Wright 1 (cont.)

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