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WORGAN, JOHN England, fl.1682-1714, MIM SIM Circumferentor = OXF; Gunter's Quadrant, 1695 = OXF; Gunter's Quadrant and Sundial = ADL-W88; Sectors = Soth. 7/10/67, DPW, OXF, ADL-W246; Universal Ring Sundial = ADL-W86; Plane Table, 1696 = OXF; Box Compass, 1696 = Soth. 4/22/65 = D.(1994); etc. apprenticed to Nathaniel Anderton in the Grocers' Company on Nov.8, 1669; free of Walter Hayes of the same Company on Dec. 6, 1682; took apprentices; author; "Master of the Mechanics to King George I." Under the Dial of St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street (1688); Fetter Lane against Clifford's Inn back gate (1693); Fleet Street (1700); all in London. Taylor 1(451); J. Brown 1; Crawforth 7; Gunther 2; Michel 3; A.J. Turner 10; Taylor and Wilson; Coffeen 32 and 46; ADL; RSW.

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