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WILLEBRAND, JOHANN Germany, fl.1682-1720, MIM Calendars = P.C., Frankfort Gewerbe Museum; Pedometers = AUG, ADL-M228; Mechanical Equatorial Sundials = OXF (2), AUG, HAK, KAS, LIE, PAM; Globe Sundial = WHI; Universal Ring Sundials = ADL-A95, ADL-DPW5, ADL-W85, AUG, OXF, BM, SAL, VIE; made many beautiful Augsburg-type sundials which may be found in most of the principal museums, one of the ones at WHI has a cam. he was one of the most accomplished instument makers of his time; step-brother of Johann Martin; probably the father of Johann Martin Willebrand. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Bobinger 2; Engelmann 1; Michel 3; Monreal; Maddison 1; Hamilton 1 & 2; Wynter; USNM; Abeler 1; Bryden 16; Syndram; Coffeen 46; ADL; RSW.

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