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WILLDEY, GEORGE England, fl.1702-37, OIM apprenticed to John Yarwell in the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1695; free of the Company, March 26, 1702; Master of the Company in 1722 and 1733; took apprentices of both sexes; partner with Timothy Brandreth, 1707-10; partner with Charles Price 1, 1710-13; published and sold maps. at the Archimedes and Globe in Ludgate Street, the corner next to St. Paul's (1707-09); at the Archimedes and Globe next the Dog Tavern (1709-13); and at the Archimedes and Globe over against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill (1711-13); at the Print Shop the corner of Ludgate Street next St. Paul's and at his Spectacle and Toy Shop next the Dog Tavern in the same street (1718-37); the West end of St. Paul's; all in London. see Willdey, George (cont.)

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