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WHITWELL, CHARLES England, fl.1590-1611, MIM NIM Quadrant, 1595 = FLO; Astrolabe, 1595 = FLO; Nautical Hemi- spheres = FLO (2); Vertical Sundial with Perpetual Calendar, 1595 = SPI = OXF; Universal Sundial, 1606 = OXF; Astronomical Compendia = NMM (1600), WHI (1604); Diptych Sundial = BM; Drawing Instrument = FLO; Noc- turnal = FLO; Computing Instrument on a Plane Table = WHI; Compass Rose = FLO. apprenticed to Augustine Ryther of the Grocers' Company, Dec. 17, 1582; free of the Company on Nov. 10, 1590; took apprentices; engraver; cartographer; the FLO instruments belonged to Sir Robert Dudley in 1608, the astrolabe is very similar to ADL-M33; the 1593 sundial at OXF was designed by Torporley; also see C.W. (1). see Whitwell, Charles (cont.).

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