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WHITEHURST, JOHN 1 England, 1713-88, MIM PHIM Stick Barometer = D.(1977); Angle Barometers, 1749,1768, 1772 = X; Angle Barometer = Hardwick Hall; Angle Barometer, 1772 = Salford City Art Museum (lost0; Wheel Barometers = Luton Hoo, D.(1988), X; Angle Barometer, 1776 = P.C. made F.R.S. in 1779; "Stamper of Money Weights" at the London Mint, 1775; probably succeeded in Derby by his brother, James Whitehurst of Derby and then by his nephew, John Whitehurst 2; clockmaker; made a member of the American Philosphical Society in 1786; friend of James Ferguson 1. 22 Irongate, Derby; 4 Bolt Court, Fleet Street, London (1776-88). Taylor 2(318); Gunther 2; Goodison 1; Symonds; R.J. Morris; DNB; Middleton 1; RSW.

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