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WHITEHEAD, RICHARD England, fl.1671-93, MIM SIM Butterfield-type Sundials = ADL-W203, P.C. (1990), Soth. 11/9/59 & 12/20/28; Sundials, silver = OXF (1671), Barrett Coll.; Circumferentor = WHI. apprenticed to Henry Wynne of the Clockmakers' Company on Oct. 5, 1663; free of the Company, Sept. 29, 1671; took apprentices, including his son, Charles; his name is shown as Charles Whitehead in the apprenticeship papers; worked for George Graham. Gunpowder Alley, Shoe Lane, off Fleet Street, London. Taylor 1(300); J. Brown 3; Robischon; Evans 1; Baillie 1; Dewhirst; J. Evans 1; Clifton 1; ADL; RSW.

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