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WHEELER, JOHN H. USA, fl.1825-36, MIM NIM OIM Octants, ebony and ivory = ADL-N55, D.(1983); Marine Compass, dry-card = PEA. T.C.; in the trade card he claimed to be a "real manufacturer" of instruments; Robert Ludlow Shaw may have been his apprentice; succeeded by Addington D. Frye and Robert Ludlow Shaw. 7 Thames (1825); 218 Water (1825-26); 220 Water (1827); 156 and 220 Water (1828); 220 Water (1829-35); 222 Water (1835-38); all in New York, N.Y. Preuss and Treworgy 2; USNM; Coffeen D; ADL; D.J. Warner 10; RSW.

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