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ADAMS 2 England, 18th Century, MIM NIM OIM SIM Inclinable Sundial = MLL; Solar Microscope = HER; Armillary Sphere = COO; Sextants = Wellesley College Observatory, Mass., Mystic Seaport, Conn.; Octant = D.(1987); Theodolite = P.C.; Telescope = Bennington Museum, Vermont; Telescope, 1810 = Christie-SK 2/8/79; Gunter's Scale = D.(1984); etc. there are many undated instruments signed "Adams"; it is impossible to tell whether George 1, George 2, or Dudley Adams is the maker in question; the ivory scale on the octant is marked "I.D.". London. USNM; RSW; Moskowitz Cat. 110; Coffeen 15; Price 3; Ward 4;

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