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WELLINGTON, ALEXANDER England, fl.1792-1825, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Octant = D.(1978); Telescope = Phillips 2/22/77; Pantograph = Soth.-S 4/24/87; Microscope = Phillips 4/20/83; Sundial in case = Soth. 7/10/67; Drawing Instrument Sets = Soth. 5/6/69, Drouot Richelieu 4/28/88; Stick Barometer = P.C. most of his instruments signed simply "Wellington" but one of his microscopeswas signed "Alex Wellington, Mathematical Instrument Maker, Crown Court, Soho, London"; had one of the Jones' as an apprentice; joined by his son 1814-15; T.C.; succeeded by Laban Cooke in 1825. Crown Court, Abinger Street, St. Anne's, Soho, London. Taylor 2(1056); Crawforth 1; Wynter and Turner; NMM 2; ATG 1/16/93; RSW.

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