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BLAEU, WILLEM JANSZOON Holland; Italy, 1571-1638, MIM he made many celestial and terrestrial globes of different sizes including a 67.7 cm. celestial globe, 1640 = ADL-M440, a printed astrolabe, telluriums to be found at LEY, BAU, WOL, KAS and AMST, etc.; a mural quadrant at LEY. pupil of Tyche Brahe on Hven; designed a Copernican armillary sphere; dated globes range from 1602-40. Alkmaar; Amsterdam; Venice. Koman; Rooseboom 1; Zinner 1; Stevenson; Gunther 1; Bonelli 1; Michel 2; Daumas 1; Belgian and Italian Inventories; Millburn 5; Wynter 1; Mörzer Bruyns 1 and 2; NMM 2; DSB; ADL; T. Campbell; Yonge; RSW.

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