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VINCHS, CORNELIS Belgium; Italyfl.1599-1623, MIM Astrolabes = BM (1599) (ICA-223), BM (1600) (ICA-444), Specula Vaticana, 1616 (ICA-3029) = Johns Hopkins U.; Armillary Sphere, 1601 = OXF; Sundials = NMM (1623), LIE; Trigonometer with Sundial in handle, 1690 = ROM. the 1660 inventory of the Bishop of Toledo showed another armillary sphere; the Specula Vaticana astrolabe was given to the Space Telescope Project at Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore, Md. and is signed "Vinck"; LIE is signed "Vinckx"; the 1560 astrolabe listed by Zinner as at BM was not listed by Price 3 or Ward; Zinner thought the 1599 BM astrolabe was dated 1559. Antwerp; Naples (1601-23). Zinner 1; Gunther 1 and 2; Price 1, 2 and 3; ICA 2; Michel 3; Maddison 1; Rooseboom 1; Ward 4; RSW.

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