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BION, NICHOLAS France, 1652-1733, MIM his wide range of very well made instruments is illustrated in his book of 1709 on the construction and use of mathematical instruments; his production was very large and examples can be seen in numerous museums. his book was translated into English in 1723 by Stone, and into German in 1717 by Doppelmayer; "Ingénieur du Roi pour les Instruments de Mathématique"; T.C.; Lordelle was successor. quay de l'Horloge du Palais à l'enseigne du Soleil d'or (1699-1702 and 1708); au Quart de Cercle Géométrique sur le quay de l'orloge du Palais (1704); both in Paris. Daumas 1; Michel 1 and 2; Maddison 1 and 5; Josten; Bonelli 1; Price 3; Ward 4; NMM 2; USNM; Wynter 1; Hamilton 2; Tooley; Dewhirst; Moskowitz 109; Calvert 2; Engelmann 1; DSB; J.A. Bennett 2; Bryden 16; ADL; Syndram; Nachet; RSW.

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