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VALK, GERHARD EN LEONHARDT Holland, fl.1715-50, MIM Celestial Globes = MUN, Wolfenbüttel Offentl. Biblioteck, Linz Stadtmuseum, KAS, Harburg Schloss (1715), Freiburg Museum (1715), Pommersfelden Schloss (1715), AMST (1750), LEY (1750); Pairs of Globes = NMM (one dated 1745), Hispanic Society of America, N.Y. (3) (1715, 1715, 1750), P.C. (1750); Terrestrial Globe = AMST. Leonhardt was the son of Gerhard; the terrestrial globe is the center of an armillary sphere by Covens; 1750 Hispanic Society pair marked "Revis. A. 1750" surely by Leonhardt Valk as his father had died in 1720. Amsterdam. Zinner 1; Mörzer Bruyns 1 & 2; Krogt 2; Edell 1; Bagrow-Skelton; Yonge; RSW.

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