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BIGGS, THOMAS England; USA, fl.1785-1822, MIM NIM OIM SIM Hadley Quadrant, 1785 = Virgina Historical Society, Richmond, Va.; Octant, 1792 = P.C. T.C. in Adams' quadrant; apprenticed to Benjamin Condy, up to 1776; soldier, 1776-1781; worked in New York for eight years; returned to Philadelphia; succeeded Benjamin Condy in 1792; made and dealt in instruments. 32 Well-Fleet Street, London; Philadelphia, Pa.; No. 8 Water Street; 60, facing Beekman's Slip (1786); 32 Wall Street, near the Coffee House; both in New York, N.Y.; 81 South Front Street (1792); 85 South Front Street (1801-06): at the Sign of the Sextant (1815), 66 South Front Street (1807-21); all in Philadelphia, Pa. Bedini 1 and 8; Smart 1; Gillingham; USNM; D.J. Warner 8; DATM; RSW.

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