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TIRYUTIN, FILIPP NIKITICH Russia, fl.1737-71, MIM PHIM SIM Circumferentor = LOM; Sundial and Globe = State Armoury, Moscow; etc. Tiryutin was a pupil of Golynin at the Academy of Sciences from 1737 to 1747; an apprentice from 1747 to 1756; made a copy of the Gottorp Globe with Benjamin Scott, from 1748 to 1751; he was named a "master of the instrument-making art" in 1756 by the Academy; assigned to the "School of Arts" in the Artillery Engineering Cadet Corps; was an ingenious innovator and a good manager; made and repaired various drawing and surveying instruments; he was dismissed in 1771. St. Petersburg. Chenakal 3; J. Brown 1.

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