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STEUR, JACOBUS DE Holland, fl.1659-72, MIM SIM Sundial with two compasses, 1667 = Leoben Montan Hochschule; Sundials = Drecker Coll.(1672), Ley; Circumferentors = DOR, WHI, Van Alfen Coll., USNM, NOR (2),; Instrument = NUR; Holland Circle = WHI; Sector = ROM; Protractor = Hammer Coll.; Astrolabe = WHI; Pantograph = SWE. one of the NOR circumferentors is only the base plate. Leiden. Zinner 1; Rooseboom 1; Mörzer Bruyns 1; J.A. Bennett 2; Pipping 1; Hollands Glorie; Daumas 1; USNM; RSW.

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