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BEYSER, JEAN-DAVID Germany, 18th Century, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundials = OXF, MEM; Augsburg-type Sundials = Spaulding Coll., P.B. 1/22/54-55, OXF; Sundials, horizontal = OXF, CLU, USNM, MERC-49 (silver), Schuhmann Sale-134, Lempertz 6/14/76; Perpetual Calendars = D.(1972), Soth. 3/27/72. D. calendar is in lid of case of L.T.M. sundial. Mannheim. Maddison 5; Zinner 1; Michel 1 and 3; Daumas 1; Hamilton 1 & 2; Wynter and Turner; USNM; Dewhirst; RSW.

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