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STEDMAN, CHRISTOPHER 1 England, fl.1747-72, MIM NIM OIM Telescope, small, case = D.(1989); Sundial = Ed. Jones Coll.; Slide Rule, boxwood = D.(1983); Backstaff, 1760 = Marine Museum, Horten, Norway; Magnetic Compass, round box = Huelsmann Coll. member of the Stationers' Company; took apprentices; Huelsmann signed "Stedman London" on printed paper compass rose inside lid, also marked "R. v. Graffen 1786" in center of printed rose in compass box; succeeded by his widow, Elizabeth Stedman, who was in turn succeeded by Christopher Stedman 2 in 1786; T.C. at the Globe on London Bridge (1750); 24 Leadenhall Street (1761); both in London. J. Brown 1; Crawforth 7; Calvert 2; Daumas 1; Wynter; Clay and Court; USNM; Moskowitz 132; Syndram; RSW.

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