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STAIGHT, THOMAS England, fl.1829-60, MIM PHIM Floating Sundials = TIM, WHI, D.(1997); Horizontal Sundial, wood and cardboard = Geneva Museum of Arts; Compass Sundial = Phillips 11/16/88. freed by Patrimony in the Fanmakers' Company, 1828; took apprentices; also made barometers and thermometers; Zinner thought the Geneva sundial was signed "T. Stuight"; Evans thought he was T.P. Staight; Straight is alternate spelling; D.(1997) sundial has thermometer with Fahrenheit and Reamur scales. 26 Bartlett Buildings, Holborn(1829-39); 12 Wallbrook (1846); both in London. Bryden 16; Zinner 1; Goodison 1; Coffeen 58; Clifton 1; RSW.

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