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STACKPOLE AND BROTHER Ireland; USAfl.1851-1910, MIM NIM SIM Sextants = Versailles 11/20/83, USNM; Octant = Seamans Institute of New York; Transits = D.(1986), GUR, USNM; Compass, Compass-Transit, Transits (2) = Cornell U.; Theodolites = ADL-A122, Cornell U. (2); Reflecting Circles = MYS (4); Surveyor's Compass = D.(1989); Third of a Circle = MYS. William and Robert Stackpole; supplied nautical instruments to the U.S. Government. Ireland; 41 Fulton (1856-1910), New York, N.Y. Smart 1; Coffeen 27; USNM; D.J. Warner 10; ADL; RSW.

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