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SMITH, CHARLES, AND SON England, fl.1827-1850, MIM Terrestrial Globes, miniature = Christie 12/12/72, Soth. 2/12/76 & 2/8/83; Terrestrial Globes = P.C., P.C. (1839); Celestial Globe = Rutgers U. Library, New Brunswick, N.J., Wellesley College Observatory, Mass; Pair of Globes = Soth. 5/30/75. see Charles Smith and Sons; sometimes signed "Smith and Son" or "C. Smith and Son"; Soth. 5/30/75 misread as "G. Smith and Son." 172 Strand, London. Taylor 2(1705); Wynter and Turner; USNM; Wynter 1974; Yonge; RSW.

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