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SMEATON, JOHN England, 1724-91, MIM NIM PHIM Condensing Steam Engine = Herring Auction, May 1, 1793; Celestial Globe = Herring Auction, May 1, 1793. engineer; surveyor; switched from the study of law to instrument making; worked with Dr. Gowin Knight testing patent logs, etc.; designed an air pump in 1752; produced Smeaton's gyroscopic horizon, c.1760; F.R.S. in 1753. Furnival's Inn Court (1750); South Street, Grey's Inn, Holborn (1772); both in London. Taylor 2(412); A.J. Turner 10; Bedini 8; Loomes 2; RSW; Courtanvaux; G.L'E. Turner 24.

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