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SHORT, JAMES Scotland; England, 1710-68, OIM reflecting telescopes in large numbers; examples may be seen in many museums including ADL, OXF, HAR, LEY, AMST, RSM, Zeiss of Jena, Palermo Observatory, Tashkent Observatory, etc. one of the most successful makers of his era; the earliest dated telescope is 1735; Short marked his telescopes with a serial number which appears as a formula, the production number of that particular focal length, over the total prduction to date, = the focal length of the telescope; he was succeeded by his brother, Thomas Short. Edinburgh (1710-38); Surrey Street, Strand, London (1739-68). Taylor 2(307); Bryden 1, 3, 7, & 19; G.L'E. Turner 3, 6, & 8; A.J. Turner 10; USNM; ADL; RSW.

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