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SHARP, ABRAHAM England, 1653-1742, MIM OIM Declining Sundial = Thoresby Coll. (1714); Garden Sundial, 1722 = Bolling Hall, Bradford; Mural Arc Quadrant, 1689 = X; Astronomical Quadrant = KEN; Telescope = NMM; Refracting Telescope, wood = Yorkshire Museum, York. assistant to Flamsteed (1684-90); the refracting telescope has an unusual mount, it is on loan to the NMM (1973); there are 10 instruments at Bolling Hall pertaining to Sharp, given by his heirs, they include the rete from a "Mathematical Jewell" and several unusual quadrants; see A.S. 4; his observatory at Horton Hall was dismantled and the stones numbered and buried in the garden at Bolling Hall. Horton Hall, Little Horton, near Bradford; Greenwich (1684-90). Taylor 1(361) & 2(118); Daumas 1; RSW.

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