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SENEX, JOHN England, 1680-1740, MIM made many globes, of various sizes, which may be seen at NMM, ADL (A277), Chicago Historical Society, Yale U., LOS, etc. apprenticed to Robert Clavell in the Stationers' Company in 1695; free, 1706; published with Jeremiah Seller and Charles Price, 1703-05; in partnership with Charles Price, 1706-10; with John Maxwell, 1710-c.1724; F.R.S. 1728; map and book publisher; made Whiston's "Copernicus" instrument; succeeded by his widow in 1740. against St. Clements Church in the Strand (1702); next to the Fleece Tavern in Cornhill (1703-06); at their House in White's Alley, Coleman Street (1707-10); at the Globe in Salisbury Court, Fleet Street (1710-21); against St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street (1721-40); all in London. Taylor 1(547); Tyacke 1; Crawforth 1; Kroght 2; ADL; Yonge.

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