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SENECAL, JACQUES France, pre-1660, MIM made a large number of Bloud-type ivory sundials; examples may be seen at OXF, BM, NMM, NOR, HAM, UTR, ADL, etc. the Jacques Senécal sundials held at the Adler are ADL-T55, ADL-T56, and ADL-DPW18; ADL-T56 is incomplete; ADL-DPW18 has an addition of a string-gnomon sundial engraved on a silver chapter ring and fitted over the magnetic compass; the addition is signed "Felix Gervaise 1660", which see. Dieppe. Mörzer Bruyns 1; Tomlinson 1; Madison 1; Evans 1; Stevens and Aked; NMM 2; Madex; RSW.

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