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SELLER, JEREMIAH England, fl.1697-1720 d.c.1720, MIM NIM Equatorial Sundial = Evans Coll. apprenticed to John Seller 1, his father, in the Merchant Taylors' Company on Mar. 3, 1686; freed by patrimony, Sept. 1, 1703; T.C.; partner of Charles Price, 1697-1705; John Senex was also a partner, 1703-1705; author. at the Hermitage in Wapping (1699-1705); and at the shop next the Fleece Tavern in Cornhill (1703-05); both in London. Taylor 1(509); Tyacke; Daumas 1; Clay and Court; Evans 1; Dewhirst; Crawforth 8; RSW.

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