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SCHNIEP, ULRICH Germany, fl.1553-88, MIM made many string-gnomon sundials and some artillery levels; his work is dated from 1553 to 1588; examples may be found at ADL, OXF, WHI, VIE, Munich Stadtmuseum, BM, MUN, BEK, HAK, Linz Museum, KEN, WUR, DRE, KAS, ex-Michel Collection, etc. many of his instruments are signed "V.S." 1, others are signed "Ulricus Schniep" or "Udalricus Schniep"; pupil or associate of Christoph Trechsler. Munich. Zinner 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Engelmann 1; Michel 2 & 3; Berlin Cat. 1963; Bryden 16; Neumann 3; Abeler; ADL; RSW.

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