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SCHISSLER, CHRISTOPHER 1 Germany, fl.1546-1609, MIM made a wide range of beautiful astronomical compendia, sundials and mathematical instruments dating from 1546 to 1605; examples may be found at ADL, USNM, OXF, BM, KEN, NMM, BASH, INN, AUG, FLO, MUN, DRE, EMA, RSM, DEU, VIE, WHI, etc. from 1580 on he signed "Christopher Schissler Senior" or "Christopher Schissler d. Alt." to distinguish himself from his son; he also used the title "Geometricus ac Astronomicus Artifex"; one of Germany's best and most prolific makers; he also produced instruments for the French and English markets. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Bobinger 1 & 2; Price 3; Ward 4; Engelmann 1; J.A. Bennett 2; Bassermann-Jordan 1; Bryden 16; ADL; RSW.

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