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SCHIECK, FRIEDRICH WILHELM France, 1790-1870, OIM Drum Microscope = UTR; Microscope, compound = OXF; etc. apprenticed to Ludwig Wisskemann, 1808-11; journeymann for Karl Philipp Heinrich Pistor in Berlin, 1813-19; worked on his own, 1819-24; became shop manager and partner to Pistor as Pistor and Schieck, 1824-36; cocentrated on microscopes; made a dividing engine in 1819; had his son, Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann Schiek as an apprentice, 1860-64. Philippsthal (1808-11); 34 Mauerstrasse (1813); 31-g Dorotheenstrasse (1837); 1a Marienstrasse (1838); all in Berlin. Weil and Baden; USNM; Dewhirst.

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