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SCARLETT, EDWARD 1 England, fl.1705-43, MIM OIM PHIM Telescopes, reflecting, miniature = Soth. 6/25/68 and 4/18/88; Microscope, ivory = Soth. 3/27/72; Microscope, screw barrel = P.C.; Wilson-type Microscope = Soth. 10/3/88; Stick Barometer = Dunham Massey, Altringham. apprenticed to Christopher Cock of the Spectaclemakers' Company on June 25, 1691; free of the Company, June 28, 1705; Master of the Company 1720-22; "Optician to his Majesty King George the Second"; T.C. in English, French, and Dutch; visited Paris in 1738; father of Edward Scarlett 2. at the Archimedes and Globe in Dean Street, near St. Anne's Church, Soho, London. Taylor 1(473), 2(115); Clay and Court; Daumas 1; Dewhirst; Calvert 2; Court and von Rohr 3(63); Crawforth 1; Robischon; A.J. Turner 10; Goodison 1; RSW.

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