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SAUTER, JOHANN JACOB Germany; Sweden; Russia, b.1770, MIM Heliochronometers = ADL-M302, DRE, KEN, NOR, P.C. (2). may have been son of Fr. Johannes Sauter, which see; married in 1791; court mechanician in Stockholm; made calculating machines; the ADL, NOR and one of the P.C. instruments are signed "JN. JB. Sauter Stockholm; the others have "St. Petersburg" as an address. Ostmettingen; Kornwestheim (1791); Stockholm (1792); St. Petersburg. Zinner 1; Fox 1 and 2; Engelmann 1; Calvert 3; Wynter 2; Delehar 5; M. Sauter; ADL; RSW.

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