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ROSS, ANDREW England, 1798-1859, OIM PHIM Microscope, presentation set = D.(1989). apprenticed to John Corless in the Joiners' Company on July 20, 1813; optician; produced over four thousand microscopes; also made telescopes, stick and wheel barometers, and Wilson-type rain gauges; see Andrew Ross and Co. (1837-41). 15 St. John's Square (1830); 33 Regent Street, Piccadilly (1837); 21 Featherstone Buildings (1840-47); 2 Featherstone buildings (1848-56); all (exept for Regent Street) in Clerkenwell, London. Taylor 2(1983); Goodison 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Morrison-Low 1; Moskowitz 132; Tesseract; Coffeen; Crawforth 7; RSW.

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