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ROBERT, HENRY France, 1833, MIM Astronomical Demonstration Device = D.(1985); Horizontal Sundial = Wray-102; Pillar Sundials in cardboard tubes with the equation of time scales = ADL-N27, TIM, WHI(FIT), CHF, BM, NMM, CNAM, WUP, Cranbrook Institute of Science, Mich., D.(1997), Soth. 12/12/55, Gersaint, La Rochelle 7/20/96; etc. "Horloger de la Marine, Breveté S.G.D.G"; D. pillar dial signed "Horloger de la Reine"; pupil of Breguet; advertisement in La Gazette de France (1833) (Price Coll.); Gersaint is for 46°; pillar dials sold for 5 francs au Palais Royal, No. 164 au p/er (anci/ne maison Laresche); Rue du Coq St. Honoré, No. 8; both in Paris. Bryden 16; Michel 3; USNM; MADEX; Dewhirst; NMM 2; Coffeen 56; ADL; RSW.

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