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RITTENHOUSE, DAVID 1 USA, 1732-96, MIM OIM SIM Orreries = University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, N.J.; Astronomical Clocks = USNM, APS; Zenith Telescope = USNM; Surveyor's Compasses = USNM, New York State Library, Albany, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the Germantown Historical Society both in Philadelphia, Pa., Historical Society of Montgomery County, Norristown, Pa., GUR; etc. astronomer, clockmaker; F.R.S.; A.P.S.; built the first American observatory; brother of Benjamin Rittenhouse; the first two surveyor's compasses listed were made for George Washington. Norriton Township, Pa. (1732-70); Philadelphia Pa. (1770-96). Multhauf 1; Smart 1; Bedini 1 & 8; USNM; Rice; B.R. Forman; RSW.

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