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RIBRIGHT, THOMAS 1 England, 1712-72, MIM OIM Case of Instruments with Persective Glass = KBV; Microscope, Culpeper-type = Soth. 3/25/86. apprenticed to Thomas Sterrop 2 in the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1726; free in the Company, 1734; Master in the Company, 1758-60; took apprentices; "Optician to his Royal Highness, George, Prince of Wales"; T.C.; patented an etui with a telescope in the middle. at the Golden Spectacles, the Poultry, London. Taylor 2(299); Clay and Court; Court and von Rohr 3; Calvert 2; Crawforth 1 & 7; Evans 1; Delehar 6.

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