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RAMSDEN, JESSE England, 1735-1800, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM one of the most famous mechanics of his time; developed one of the first dividing engines ever built; made many of the most important astronomical and surveying instruments used in England and on the continent; by 1789 he had made over 1000 sextants; his instruments are to be found in many of the principal museums. apprenticed to J. Burton, MIM, in 1758; started business in 1762; married Sarah Dollond; invented the opthalmometer; made improvements in electrostatic machines & precision balances; some of the optics for his instruments were made by his brothers-in-law Peter and John Dollond 2; made F.R.S. in 1768. 199 Piccadilly, opposite Sackville Street, London. Taylor 2(526); DNB; DSB; Maddison 1; Bryden 11; E. Hall; RSW; Goodison 1; USNM; J.A. Bennett 2; A.J. Turner 10; Coffeen 27.

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