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QUARE, DANIEL 1 England, 1649-1724, MIM PHIM Altitude Sundial = FIN-225; Analemmatic Sundial, 1707 = Soth. 3/11/63; Pillar Barometers = VCW, KEN, OXF, FLO (2), Hampton Court, Wakefield Plantation, Va., Philadelphia Museum of Art; Gloucester Museum, Meteorological Office, Bracknell, D.(1974) (No.28), Christie 12/7/75 (No.64), Soth. 6/27/74 (No.114), VAA, P.C., etc. Watch movement = ADL-A182; Angle Barometer = Hampton Court. admitted as a Brother into the Clockmakers' Company, April 3, 1671; Master of the Company, 1708; received first English patent for a barometer in 1695; watch and clockmaker. Kings Arms, Change Alley, London. Taylor 1(350) & 2(106); Goodison 1 and 6; Symonds; Clay and Court; J. Brown 3; G. Bell; Michel 3; Stevens and Aked; Daumas 1; Dewhirst; USNM; Middleton 1; RSW.

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