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PORTER, SAMUEL England, c.1824, MIM Cruciform Sundial, Ferguson type = UTR; Floating Sundials = UTR, OXF, NMM, VNN, Maritime Museum of British Columbia, D.(1976), Soth. 12/15/78, ADL-T46 (bone), D.(2), etc.; Table of Time = D.(1997). Porter patented the floating sundial on Feb. 14, 1824; table of time was for 56 years, 1825-1880 and signed "Sam'l Porter Fecit, Entered at Stationer's Hall May 27, 1825." London. Taylor 2(1679); Dewhirst; Michel 3; de Rijk; USNM; Moskowitz; Coffeen 29, 33, 43 and 58; ADL; RSW.

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