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PISTOR, KARL PHILIPP HEINRICH Germany, 1778-1847, MIM Sundial, pocket, round = Drouot 11/7/75. started out as an amateur and soon became a professional; received a D. Phil. in 1843; partner with Karl Theodor Nathan Mendelssohn pre-1813; Friedrich Wilhelm Schieck joined his workshop as a journeyman, 1811-19, and in 1824 became a partner and workshop manager in Pistor und Schieck; this partnership continued to 1836; Pistor then had a short partnership with Hirschmann, Senior, and later with Martins as Pistor und Martins until 1871 when Martins died; had visited Tulley in London for five weeks, c.1822. 34 Mauerstrasse, Berlin. Pipping 1; J.A. Bennett 2; Weil and Baden.

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